Clocks Cartier Care


Enjoy an extended warranty of up to 8 years thanks to your registration to Cartier Care. In addition you will receive a range of complimentary exclusive benefits and services which will allow you to maintain your creations over time.

Furthermore, as part of Cartier Care, you will receive communications related to your creation as well as invitations to receive complimentary technical diagnostics and advice.

To join Cartier Care, please scan the QR code printed on the warranty card.

You can also go to and enter your creation's serial number.

Your Cartier clock is not water-resistant. Consequently it is essential to avoid all contact with water or with a humid atmosphere such as that of a bathroom.

In order to preserve the shine on your Cartier clock, clean it exclusively with a dry, soft cloth. Never use alcohol, acetone or varnish removers.

The average lifespan of a battery is two years for both desk clocks and travel clocks. However, excessive use of the hour-striking function may shorten this average lifespan.

We advise you never to leave a used battery inside your clock, since its deterioration may lead to the deterioration of the whole movement.

To change a battery, please contact a Cartier After-Sales Service at any Cartier boutique or at an authorised dealer.