Panthère de Cartier Luxury Women's Watches


Panthère jewellery watch

When the latest Panthère de Cartier jewellery watch is wild and magnetic, the panther boldly clamps her jaw to the case.

Reproducing the spirit of the animal

Precious, magnetic and powerful... the Panthère jewellery watches have been the subject of many workshop hours at the Cartier design studios. The emblematic animal is brought to life through savoir-faire innovations: a novel approach to onyx, cut to make a panther’s nose, and diamonds that explore multiple setting techniques, including the shagreen diamond setting that maximises the stones’ radiance.

In the eyes of the panther

The pop icon V (Kim Taehyung) has the same creative spirit and magnetic gaze as the panther. This kinship of character makes this artist, considered one of the most talented of his generation, an ideal Cartier ambassador to wear Panthère de Cartier jewellery creations. 


For Cartier, the most important aspect of savoir-faire is the hyphen between “savoir” and “faire”: the incessant back-and-forth between designers and craftsmen, the fruit of a creative dialogue and productive exchanges.

The challenge? Introducing movement within the dial. Inspired by an hourglass, cutting-edge technology and traditional practices come together to push the boundaries of watchmaking. 650 small diamonds reveal the face of a panther right before our eyes. The fruit of five years of hard work, this magic is recognised by two patents.