How to check if my watch is water resistant


The water-resistance of your watch is ensured by a system of seals. These seals are constantly placed under pressure and subjected to natural wear and tear. Regular checks of your watch's water-resistance make it possible to determine whether it is still adequate, and to have the seals replaced if necessary.

In normal wearing conditions and to guarantee optimal security, you are recommended to have the water-resistance seals replaced once every two years. (For quartz watches, this is approximatly the same length of time for battery replacement.) The Maintenance Service includes the replacement of all seals and also of the battery (for quartz watches). If the watch is worn when playing sports or when it is in frequent contact with water, you are recommended to have the seals checked once every year.

If your Cartier water-resistant watch shows condensation under the glass, we advise you to rapidly contact a Cartier boutique, an authorized dealer or a Cartier After-Sales Service so as to proceed to a Complete Service. It is essential to resolve this situation rapidly in order to prevent the humidity from damaging all the components of your watch.