La Panthère Parfum

La Panthère

Through this new fragrance campaign, Cartier returns to the origins of its beloved animal, the panther, and is guided by her through the heart of a tropical forest. The British actress Vanessa Kirby appears from within this green and abundant hidden land, a world full of life and beauty.

Vanessa Kirby: the new face of La Panthère

Wild and untamable, the panther captivates. Her destiny is bound to that of Cartier. In his day, Louis Cartier even nicknamed Jeanne Toussaint "La Panthère." The panther's elegance and strength of character connects her now to Vanessa Kirby, ambassador of the new watchmaking, jewelry and fragrance campaigns. The actress begins this role in a first opus dedicated to La Panthère perfume. Led by instinct alone, she transforms into her feline alter ego, a reflection of her personality, both fierce and protective.

Floral and Feline: La Panthère perfume

Created in 2014, this fragrance brings the chypre family back into the spotlight with a new floral-feline accord. The union of a historic chypre, a mythical animal musk and a fresh, vibrant gardenia is just as desired by Mathilde Laurent, the Maison's perfumer.

La Panthère fragrances

In the guise of Parfum, Eau de Parfum or Eau de Toilette, the La Panthère fragrances revisit the mythic chypre.