Clash de Cartier Landing Page

Clash de Cartier: New Dualities

More powerful and confident than ever before, the latest creations amplify the dualities within the Maison’s codes, playing with the signature clou carré studs. They project the uncompromising aesthetic of punk.

Doubling down on studs

The signature row of clou carré studs – the striking backbone of the collection – is doubled up in a new ring and pair of earrings as well as a flexible bracelet and necklace of elegant articulation, available in rose gold or rose gold set with diamonds. 

XL Beads and Studs

The clash is amplified with the collection's new creations, where the beads and studs enter a face off in their XL format: a combination of onyx beads and rose gold spikes separated by a line of diamonds.

Eccentric and Classic:
The Irreverent Clash de Cartier

Clash de Cartier is a balancing act, a daring embodiment of dualities. Its aesthetic codes, rooted in the past, hurtle timelessly into the present - with an iconic future assured.