Masculine Elegance

Three brothers, three cities, innumerable creations. Across Paris, London and New York, the pioneering Louis, Jacques, and Pierre Cartier patented an exceptional number of inventions, forever breaking the boundary between jewelry and watchmaking.




First, Louis Cartier, the Parisian, set up shop on Rue de la Paix in 1899. 

Then, there was Jacques who set up his London office in 1902, followed by Piere in 1909 in New York. These three brothers - the talented sons of Alfred and grandsons of the Maison's founder - patented an unknown number of inventions and broke all the boundaries in jewelry and watchmaking.

In Paris, London and New York, they developed a powerful and unmistakable style and with imagination, elegance and a pioneering spirit, they paved the way for all kinds of possibilities.