Panthere Graphique de Cartier

The Panthère Graphique de Cartier bag

This is not just a bag; it’s a way of life. It's the three-dimensional definition of a style statement, with both nomadic and urban elements. Combining leather with the Maison’s emblematic animal, the Panthère Graphique de Cartier bag unites leather goods and jewelry-making savoir-faire.

Curves and Volumes

The sensuality and curvature of the bag create generous volume and reference an agile panther in motion. No sharp edges, no visible seams; everything is crafted in terms of fluidity, curves and softness.

The Panther Head Clasp

The bag’s clasp says it all, with a striking panther head design. A Cartier signature, recognizable at the first glance, this panther head was created in collaboration with a High Jewelry sculptor. An exceptionally-designed, architectural piece adorned on its flat surfaces with eleven leather inserts, it creates depth and perspective.

The Panthère Graphique de Cartier Bag