Free and sweet, this gentle river sparkles in the reflection of the sun's rays. Bouncing off blooming flowers, irises and violets, it glistens in the cool shade of fruit trees.


Beautiful and joyful, the river quivers with delight as a tuberose passes by. Leaf after leaf, petitgrain and bergamot, the river flourishes vivaciously, bathing in the fresh notes of blackcurrant bud. 


Generous and complex, this river is brimming with nature, fern, lentiscus, oak, rosemary and wild herbs. A source of natural and wild freshness whose primitive energy is magnified by the geranium.

Refill your Rivières de Cartier perfume

The Rivières de Cartier perfumes pay homage to nature and its rivers, those that Cartier is passionate about respecting. By designing refillable bottles with a lighter pastellized glass, Cartier is consciously limiting its carbon footprint.