Your jewelry creation deserves our utmost attention. By entrusting it to Cartier, you will be preserving its shine and longevity.

The services listed below are intended to maintain and personalize your creations. 

Many of these services may be carried out in our boutiques. If you are unable to visit a boutique, please contact the Cartier Client Relations Center for more information about these services.

Shining service 

For jewelry that has lost its shine or has abrasions on the surface, this service will restore your creation’s original shine and remove superficial scratches. This service includes a diagnosis, buffing, cleaning, a technical check and an aesthetical check of your creation.

Shining service: complimentary


Personalize your Cartier creation by having a name, phrase, date, symbol or design engraved on it. These engravings, available in several languages, are subject to technical constraints of your creation and the space available.

Engraving service: complimentary

Cord replacement

You may change your silk bracelet cord with a replacement in the color of your choice.

Cord replacement service: complimentary

These services allow you to adjust the size of your jewelry or to replace the clasp of your earrings without altering the aesthetics or original shape. All adjustments are subject to technical feasibility,

Carried out by Cartier specialist jewelers, this service includes several steps:

  • Diagnosis: Cartier’s jewelers take the time to examine your creation and identify the tasks that need to be performed.
  • Re-sizing: The most suitable method will be used to adjust the size of your creation according to its shape.
  • Polishing: The Cartier jewelers will follow a series of steps to achieve a final result that meets Cartier’s requirements for a “mirror-polished” look.
  • Cleaning: Should your jewelry creation permit it, it will be immersed in an ultrasonic tank.
  • Rhodium Finishing: White gold and platinum can be rhodium-finished to enhance the creation’s whiteness and brilliance. Before polishing, the remaining layer of rhodium is removed. After polishing, the creation is immersed in a rhodium bath.

The jeweler will then carry out a final check to ensure that your creation meets Cartier’s strict quality requirements.


Necklace re-sizing (up to 4 cm)

The length of your necklace may be adjusted by increasing or reducing the chain by a maximum of 4 centimeters. This service is not available for paved creations.

Necklace re-sizing services are complimentary the first time. Further resizing begins at $190.


Bracelet re-sizing service (up to 2 cm)

The length of your bracelet may be adjusted by increasing or reducing the chain by a maximum of 2 centimeters. This service is not available for paved creations, LOVE bracelets, and bangle-style bracelets.

Bracelet re-sizing services are complimentary the first time. Further resizing begins at $190.

Ring re-sizing (simple, up to 2 sizes)

The size of your ring may be increased or reduced subject to technical feasibility and creation style. This service is not available for paved creations. Ring re-sizing beyond two sizes may require our reproduction service; more information on reproductions can be found below.

Ring re-sizing services are complimentary the first time within two sizes. Further resizing services begin at $190.


Adjusting the clasp of earrings

The model and the size of the clasp of your earrings can be adapted to ensure maximum comfort.

Earring clasp adjustment services are complimentary the first time. Further adjustment begins at $190.

These care services are intended to preserve your creation over time, allowing it to be maintained as closely as possible to its original state.

Whatever the service requested, each of the listed interventions will be carried out to ensure the integrity of your creation.

Regardless of the number of interventions carried out, the total service price will be $190. There may be additional charges for replacement parts as noted below.


Repair or replacement of a component

Should an element of your Cartier creation become damaged or lost, a new component can be added or replaced. This component is invoiced in addition to the price of the service.

Component repair or replacement service begins at $190 + the price of the component.



If your Cartier creation becomes distorted, our reshaping service will restore its original shape.

Reshaping service: $190


Clasp or link repair

If the clasp or link of your Cartier creation is damaged, we recommend that you have it repaired to avoid losing it.

Clasp or link repair service: $190



To restore the shine of your creation and remove surface abrasions, a polishing service can be carried out by Cartier jewelers. The frequency of this service is subject to the recommendation of our jewelers in order to preserve your creation’s shape throughout its lifetime.

Polishing service: $190


Stone/pearl replacement

Should a stone or pearl on your jewelry piece become damaged, you may replace it with the stone or pearl replacement service. The stones and pearls are not included in the replacement service and will be invoiced separately. 

Stone/pearl replacement service: $190 + price of the stone/pearl

Restoration or reproduction occurs when a piece is badly damaged and repair is not possible.

A restoration diagnosis will be carried out to see if it is possible to restore the piece. If restoration is not possible, the piece may be reproduced.

Price estimates for the below services are available upon request.



This service makes it possible to proceed with the restoration or repair of a creation.



If your creation is composed of two parts, one of which has been lost, the pairing service will reproduce the lost piece.



If your piece is extremely worn or damaged, or if it cannot be re-sized, you may consult the reproduction service. The number engraved on the new piece will be the same as the one on the original piece.