Jewelry polishing service

The polishing service covers a series of meticulous and delicate operations aimed at tackling even the deepest scratches spoiling your jewelry creation.

The Polishing Service involves the removal of a thin layer of metal.

Cartier does not recommend this service be carried out often; the characteristics and history of each individual piece of jewelry should be considered before submitting for polishing. Polishing cannot remove deep scratches or dents.

Carried out by a Cartier specialist polisher, this service includes diagnosis, polishing, and cleaning. To enhance the whiteness and brilliance of white gold, models are sometimes covered with a thin coating of rhodium.


Polishing Service: starting from $100 USD


Our Cartier Jewelers take the time to examine your creation, so as to identify the work to be carried out.


Polishing requires significant expertise in order to avoid distorting your creation’s original form. Our Cartier Jewelers rigorously follow multiple steps to produce the final gleaming result, or "mirror-polished" look for your creation.


Your jewelry creation is cleaned by immersing it in an ultrasonic tank containing warm soapy water.

Other performed steps
White gold and platinum can be rhodiumized to enhance a creation’s whiteness and brilliance
The Jeweler carries out a final inspection to make sure that your creation meets with Cartier’s high standards.